Step By Step Guide To Painting Your Home

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A Step by Step Guide on Painting Your Home


If you are looking for a home makeover, the easiest place to start is by painting your walls. Painting your walls can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your home. Rather you are looking to have a peaceful environment or would like to give your home a more sophisticated look, painting is the key to making this happen! Luxurious walls tend to feature a more bold and vibrant color while soft yellows and greens tend to make your home feel more peaceful. If you are ready for a home makeover and would like to start with painting but have never done so before, don’t worry! We have the step by step guide to ensure your walls will look professionally painted.


Please note, before starting you may want to set aside a weekend to ensure you have enough time to complete the project.


  1. The very first thing that you want to do is determine the color pallet you want to use for the room you are painting. Even if you are planning on painting the room with just one color, a color pallet will help you later accessories your room to match the recently painted walls, giving your room a charming, sophisticated, uniform look When picking a color, try to narrow it down to a few different color choices. Once you have chosen a few colors, purchase the samples and paint them on your wall (before doing this make sure you are really dedicated to painting your wall). This will allow you to see how the different colors look throughout the day. Some colors tend to changes depending on the time of day and the amount of light that is shining on the walls. This will give you a better indicator as to which color you like best.
  2. Once you are ready to paint, the very first thing that you will want to do is remove all photo frames, and move the furniture to the middle of the room, and place plastic or painters cloth over the furniture and covering the floor. This will protect your furniture and the floor from when you start painting.
  3. Now, you should start prepping your walls. This is important as you may have accumulated holes from nails, scratches or dirt particles on the walls. It is important to carefully analyze the walls to see if you need to remove any access grim and patch up holes within the walls. Before patching up any holes, make sure that you gently clean the walls to degrease, thus, getting your pallet (the wall) ready to apply paint.
  4. Before you start painting the walls, you will want to focus on painting the trim first. Therefore, place painters tape throughout the wall to avoid trim paint getting on the walls. Once you have completed the trim, you want to make sure the paint has dried before you start peeling off the painters tape.
  5. Now you will want tape down the trim so you can start painting the walls. First, you will want to prime the walls, especially if you are going from a darker color to a lighter color. Once the primer has dried you are ready to start painting the walls.
  6. Now you are finally able to paint your walls. Make sure that you use a smaller brush when painting any areas a roller may not be able to easily access, such as corners or edges. When you do the center of the main wall, make sure you are using a roller. When it comes to using a roller, you want to go in a “w” shape, so think down – up – down – up. In order to achieve a uniform texture, you will want your paint strokes to go in the same direction. The standard direction is up and down.
  7. Now that you have finally painted your entire wall, you will want to wait until it is dry to add a second coat. You should wait approximately two to four hours before adding a second coat. It is important to add a second coat of paint to your walls to ensure the paint is fully covering the previous paint.
  8. Congratulations! You have finally completed painting your room. Now, all that is left is clean up and moving your furniture back in place.


Tip: oil-based paint is considered hazardous waste, so please contact your local trash company on information on how to dispose of it.


If you start your painting project and decide that you would like a professional to come over and complete the project. Please give Certified Painting Professionals a call at 618-560-7030 and we will be happy to complete the project.


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