Office Colors that Enhance Productivity

How colors enhance productivity

Office Colors in Enhance Productivity

Rather you are looking to paint your home office or the interior of your corporate building, the color you paint the walls can enhance certain moods to help increase productivity. Depending on what you would like to achieve (focus, creativity, etc) should determine the color to paint your office space.


Blue for Focus

If you tend to have trouble focusing, then you may find Blue to be a good color to paint your office. Painting your office blue can help increase your focus, thus, enhance productivity. Blue would be especially useful in offices that tend to have high-stress levels.


Yellow for Creativity

Creativity may be something that is important if you work with graphics, web design or creating content. If you are looking to increase your creativity, then yellow is the color you should paint your office. Yellow walls also promote happiness and positivity.


Green for Balance

If you are looking for balance in your workspace then green may the color to paint your walls. Green is best in offices where you or your employees work long hours. This gives your employees the feeling of having a work-life balance that is beneficial for their overall stress levels.


Orange for Casual

If you are looking for a casual and comfortable atmosphere, then orange may be the color you want to paint your walls. Orange would be a great color to paint in break rooms, bathrooms or waiting areas.


Depending on the outcome you are seeking determines how the walls should be painted. If you are in an industrial-sized office you may want to paint the break room a calming orange to give your employees a nice place to relax while painting the Marketing department yellow for creativity. With bright and bold colors it may be best to paint an accent wall and have it contrast with a lighter hue.

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