Different Kinds of Paints and Their Uses

Different Kinds of Paint

Are you looking to paint your home and unsure where to start? While picking your color scheme can be overwhelming, so can trying to understand the different kinds of paint finishes. if you are like most people, you may not have even realized that there is more than one kind of paint to choose from.  In fact, there are five main types of interior paint sheens that you can choose from. When painting your home it is important to know the different types of paint and the purpose of each. Don’t worry, we are going to easily explain the different kinds of paint sheens and the uses for each. By the end of this article, you are going to be a paint expert!

When painting the interior of your home there are five different kinds of paint finishes to choose from. The paint finish should be decided on the room you are painting and the intended use for each room. For example, some paints are better on smooth walls, easier to clean or great for hiding imperfections.

Paint Sheen #1: Matte

If you are looking for a paint that has absolutely no shine or sheen to the finish then Matte is the type of paint that you are looking for. Since the Matte finish does not have shine nor sheen, makes it the least reflective sheen available. Matte Sheen is good for hiding imperfections on walls and ceilings. If you have patches or cracks that you are wanting to hide, then matte or flat would be a great choice to choose from.   and tends to offer a great depth of color. Keep in mind that a Matte finish can be difficult to clean so it is best to be used in low traffic areas. The matte finish is often used in rooms such as Dining Rooms, Home Offices or Theater Rooms.

Paint Sheen #2: Eggshell

Eggshell finishes are easier to paint with since eggshell sheen can cover more space with a single coat than it’s counterpart, the Matte finish. The eggshell sheen also reduces light glares and reflections on the walls. Eggshell sheen is great for hiding imperfections and easier to wash than Matte.

Since the Eggshell is good at hiding imperfections while easily washable makes it perfect for highly trafficked areas such as Living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

Paint Sheen #3: Satin

Satin Sheen is best used on smooth walls or surfaces and features a low luster appearance. The Satin sheen is able to cover more space than the Matte while also adding some shine to the walls. It is easier to wash a Satin Finish than it would be to wash an Eggshell finish or Matte finish.

Paint Sheen #4: Semi-Gloss

Semi-Gloss can be used for both interior and the exterior of homes. Semi-Gloss has a rich shine once dried causing it to show more imperfections. Semi-Gloss tends to be easily washable making it perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Semi-Gloss tends to be more expensive because of durability and resistance to stains, dust, and dirt.

Paint Sheen #5: High-Gloss

High-Gloss is just that, has high-gloss making it shiny and tends to reflect light from doors and windows. High-Gloss is commonly used on trim and crown molding. High-Gloss is slower to dry. Since High-Gloss is shiny and tends to reflect light causes it to show more dings, dents and imperfections. It is for this reason, that we strongly suggest that you stay away from High-Gloss paint unless you are painting crown molding and baseboards. 

We hope this article helped you learn more about the major paint sheens and the perks, benefits and disadvantages to each. If you are currently looking for a painter in the Greater Saint Louis area, please feel free to reach out to us anytime at (618) 560-7030 for us to help you with all of your interior and exterior painting needs.

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