10 Ways to Increase The Chances of Selling Your Home

Increase the chances of selling your home

With summer just around the corner, we find the housing market began to soar as many are preparing to put their homes on the market. Making sure you properly prep your house for sale is imperative to get top dollar. There are ten different steps to get your home ready to get the most money for your home.

1. Clean
The first thing you will want to do is ensure your home is clean. Cleaning your home includes decluttering your house and putting the items that are currently not using in storage. By removing these items from your home will give you more space for prospective home buyers to walk through your house. Thus, giving the impression of a larger area. Additionally, decluttering your home will allow it to be easier for you to keep your home clean. When cleaning your home, make sure to do a deep, thorough cleaning. A thorough cleaning includes getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing the baseboards! Furthermore, you will want to make sure there are no stains on the kitchen cabinets, walls, windows to the oven stove top. Mainly your home should be spotless from the floor to the ceiling. If you don’t have the time or energy, you can always hire a professional cleaning crew that can do all the manual work for you.

2. Repair any obvious damage
Did your roof leak several years ago and you still have the water spots to show for it? Possibly, you got that perfect fur baby (dog) that scratched your doors when they were little. Probably, you have the teenage son that created a few holds when moving away to college. These are easy, simple, and affordable solutions for you to fix to increase the value of your home. When patching a hole on the wall make sure the patched hole matches the texture on the wall, so the damage is not noticeable.

3. Get rid of any creatures you may have living in or near your home
There are so many creatures that can invade the inside of your home from stinkbugs, ants to termites. While others live outside your home such as groundhogs, snakes, woodpeckers, and moles (among several other creatures). While some of these animals and bugs harm your property, others are just nonsense. Nothing will detour a homebuyer like having one of these adorable creatures show their face to a potential buyer. Therefore, before putting your home on the market, you need to ensure your home is clear of any bugs and animals.

4. Address and handle any odors 

Sometimes homes carry scents without you even realizing it as you have grown immune to the smell. Therefore, it may be ideal to ask your real estate agent if there are any smells you are unaware of in your home. If so, you may need to replace your carpet or get an order an air fresher.

5. Paint the interior of your home
Depending on how long you have resided at your home and the last time you painted your walls, they may need to be touched up. If you find that your walls have stains, spots or grime, then you may need to repaint your walls. If you are interested in doing this yourself, then be sure to check out some of our pointers. If you need a professional painting company in the Greater Saint Louis company and Metro East Illinois, then Certified Painting Professionals could assist. Our team of professionals can help with any interior painting project from ceilings, walls to kitchen cabinets.

6. Updating your kitchen
Another affordable way to improve your home value is by updating your kitchen space.   There are several affordable ways you can do this. First, try refreshing your kitchen appliances. Having a modern kitchen with outdated appliances will make your kitchen look older than it is! IN addition to updating your appliances, you can also update your kitchen by having your cabinets spray painted. Spray painting your cabinets are an affordable way to update your kitchen. A small update to your kitchen cabinets can go a long way!

7. Update your curbside appeal
Updating your curbside appeal is another crucial aspect to consider when selling your home. The outside of your home will be the 1st thing a potential buyer wills see pulling up to your home. Therefore, you want to make sure you give them the right first impression. There are several different things you can do to ensure you give your potential homebuyers the right impression.

8. Power Wash the Exterior of your Home
If your home has excessive mold on the exterior of your home, then you may need to get your house power washed. Power washing is a great way to increase your home value and to update the appearance of your curbside appeal. Not only can it get rid of molded siding, but it can also improve the overall look over your deck, fence, patio, and driveway. Power washing helps with any environmental build up you may have gained on the exterior of your home. If you currently need your home power washed and looking for someone to assist, please give Certified Painting Professionals a call at (618) 560-7030.

9. Remove photos of your family
Another thing you can do to help increase the chances of selling your home is removing any pictures of your family. By doing this will allow potential homebuyers to place themselves living in your home. Removing photos of your family is essential because if they can picture themselves living in your home, then it increases their chances of purchasing your home.

10. Add bright lighting
Add bright lighting is essential when selling your home. By having bright lights indicates to potential buyers that you have nothing to hide. Furthermore, add a lamp to any spaces that may tend to be darker such as corners or bedrooms as it will help improve your home showing. Adding lights to your kitchen cabinets is an affordable way to light up your kitchen cabinet while giving your kitchen cupboards a high-end appearance.

We hope these tips help you not only improve the value of your home but also sell it faster!

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